Moving abroad means endless new opportunities, but also some quite big challenges. Luckily enough you don’t have to worry a bit; we will help you every step of the way. Helping our Betssonites from all around the world to settle down in a new country is very important to us and our business.
Kristian Saliba – Chief Financial Officer, Malta

Withdrawals of winnings can only be made to the same account as the deposit was made from to avoid that money is transferred to someone else.


We have several teams within the Finance department working with different things, making sure that they can function as the link between Finance and the rest of the business.

Finance & Planning

The Financial Planning and Analysis team are the link between Finance and the rest of the business. They are specialists in producing management accounts, which are used internally for discussions and to keep track of the organisation’s performance. This team is also involved in business cases, budgets, employee targets, affiliate analysis, nominees.


Then we have Procurement, the team that is in charge of purchases within the organisation, and also payroll – making sure that everyone gets paid at the end of every month. Our cash flow cycle is controlled by the Cash management team, who track the cash from the customer deposit point to pay-out

Controlling & Reporting

The Financial reporting and Controlling organisation are in charge of building up all financial numbers used for various financial reports, which are also used externally. In doing this, they work a lot with reconciliations when it comes to movement in client funds as well as revenues. They are responsible for the consolidations of deposits and withdrawals. They also handle VAT, submissions and the liaison with tax authorities when it comes to payment.


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