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Sliema, Malta

Move & Markets

New opportunities arise with new headquarters

Grodt Group is set to relocate the headquarters from Swieqi to bigger facilities in Sliema, Malta. Meanwhile the company opens a new office in Beograd with the goal to double both revenue and the workforce.

Grodt Group strives to reach more clients in up-and-coming markets.
– We are introducing ourselves to the Asian market, which we envision adding great value for the future of our company. Building new brands in addition to acquiring well rooted companies is part of the strategy to take points on this interesting market.

As example China’s per capita gross national income (GNI) of $290 in 1985 had nearly doubled to $540 by 1995, more than tripled to $1,760 by 2005, then quadrupled to $8,100 by 2016, according to World Bank data.

This unparalleled increase from low to middle-high income status is now bound for an even steeper climb. In a Bluepaper report that combine analysis and insights from its macroeconomists, market strategists and sector specialists, Morgan Stanley predicts that “China will break out of the middle-income trap and join the rarified ranks of high-income society”

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